How to Monetize Your Cat

I interviewed Tabatha Bundesen, the owner of Grumpy Cat, on how to monetize your cat for The One-Page Magazine in this week’s New York Times Magazine

Just kinda go with it. It’s not going to be: “Hey, buy this cat, and it’ll get famous.” It’s going to be: “Oh, my gosh, I own this cat, and it got famous!” I don’t see anybody successfully making their pet famous because they want to. But I guess there are some of those. My best advice is: Love animals. Adopt more of them.

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How to Know When to Unfriend Someone

I interviewed Kim Stolz, who told me how to unfriend someone, for The One-Page Magazine in this week’s New York Times Magazine:

We all spend so much time focusing on the outflow of our digital lives, but we should also focus on the inflow. I keep a tally in the Notes app on my iPhone: If I find that seven, eight or nine times out of 10 I see a status from someone that makes me feel jealous or insecure or uncomfortable or sad or frustrated or angry, I’ll unfriend them.

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Surface magazine’s August issue, on newsstands now, includes pieces I wrote on Bangkok-based retail maven Barom Bhicharnchitr, who founded and runs the new shop Siwilai, and entrepreneur Nima Abbasi, who recently launched the e-commerce site Crest & Co. Also for the issue, I interviewed architect and designer Rafael de Cárdenas, Dior Homme creative director Kris Van Assche, and 3x1 founder Scott Morrison.

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On June 16, I moderated a discussion at Neuehouse between graphic design legend Milton Glaser and Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Steve Hindy. Above is a video excerpt of the event.

How to Think About Your Childhood

I interviewed author Brando Skyhorse, who told me how to think about your childhood, for The One-Page Magazine in this week’s New York Times Magazine:

If you’ve had five stepfathers and a complicated mother, like I have, then my advice is: Don’t. You can get into lots of trouble if you do. Leaven the moments of darkness with something positive or encouraging. Even the most abusive parent gave their child something really positive, something really energetic, something really useful.

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