On April 1, I moderated a discussion between interior designer Adam D. Tihany and chef Daniel Boulud for Surface magazine’s Design Dialogues No. 8 at Neuehouse. Above is a video recap of the event.

How to Be in Command

I interviewed former U.S. Representative and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Allen West, who told me how to be in command, for The One-Page Magazine in this week’s New York Times Magazine:

A leader is truly there to serve others and not to be served. It’s what I call the five Cs of leadership: courage, competence, commitment, conviction, character. In my 20 years in the military, I learned that you have to give up yourself for your soldiers. Your decisions should be based upon protecting them, training them well and preparing them for their mission.

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How to Connect With Teenagers

I interviewed author Ted Bell, who told me how to connect with teenagers, for The One-Page Magazine in this week’s New York Times Magazine:

Be funny. Every kid loves humor. Don’t take everything so seriously. My books are full of humor. I make myself laugh out loud when I’m writing. Humor is the glue between generations, sexes, countries, religions.

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Surface magazine’s April issue, on newsstands next week, includes pieces I wrote on Dallas Art Fair co-founder Chris Byrne, The Dean hotel in Providence, and artist and designer Simon Heijdens. It also includes interviews I conducted with architect Renzo Piano, Diesel co-founder Renzo Rosso, Moroso art director Patrizia Moroso, B&B Italia chairman Giorgio Busnelli, Missoni Home co-founder Rosita Missoni, Flos chairman Piero Gandini, Foscarini co-founder Carlo Urbinati, Kartell CEO Claudio Luti, Alessi president Alberto Alessi, Casamania president Elis Doimo, and Stone Island creative director Carlo Rivetti.

How to Begin a Drawing

I interviewed British artist and illustrator Ralph Steadman, who told me how to begin a drawing, for The One-Page Magazine in this week’s New York Times Magazine:

I just start. Style is something you impose on something before you even begin, and I don’t do that. If I did that, it would be hopeless. It’s the spontaneity you need. If you don’t get that, there’s no journey. It’s like going on a holiday: If you’ve done it so often, you know exactly what’s going to happen — nothing exciting. 

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